This is a website I use for testing different formats and customizations of Indexhibit (version 0.73, also know as old Indexhibit). It has grown out of my having been active in the Indexhibit Forum, and my need to give some kind of order to my notes. It has also been an excellent learning process.

Many of the formats and customizations do not work with all themes or in all possible contexts. Whenever I find a fix for something broken, there'll be a note of it in the corresponding page, or at least a link to whomever fixed it.

Warning: this website references the 'old' version of Indexhibit (v0.73). There is a new version (Indexhibit 2.0) at, which is an improvement by an order of magnitude. Still, there are many people out there using the old version, for many different reasons, not least not wanting to put effort into fixing something that works for them. So I guess this site will be around for some time.

Indexhibit was created by Daniel Eatock and Jeffery Vaska as a web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound. It is, also, the best CMS I know of for the visual professions: visual artists, designers, photographers, etc.

Alfredo Pernin

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