Thickbox / Wobblebox

Thickbox does not work with some versions of Internet Explorer. I am using here the Wobblebox modification by Jesper Korsholm Mathiasen wich works with IE7 / IE8: Wobble Web

Otherwise, if you don't care about those versions of IE, there is a small fix for getting the old Thickbox to work with newer versions of JQuery.

Although Thickbox will work with JQuery 1.6.3, other formats will break, so I would recommend using JQuery 1.4.4 which I have tested and works best with most of them.

Old Thickbox

Use Thickbox with JQuery 1.3 - 1.6.3 -- Edit js/jquery.thickbox.js:

At line 76:

var imageGroup = $("a[@rel="+rel+"]").get();

Remove the "@", you should have :

var imageGroup = $("a[rel="+rel+"]").get();

(provided by ABOUTQ)

<em>123456789</em> 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 this is on a new line
and this is too caption