There's a very good installation guide at Indexhibit:


Installation guide

After the installation, but before you actually start putting content into your website, I would also strongly suggest to:

get clean URLs

and go to Settings and turn Advanced mode: ON, then choose Theme: Sample. The Sample theme is the one you should modify when styling your website

Note: This installation uses JQuery 1.4.4 If a customization or exhibition format is working here, then it should work for you using this same JQuery. Obviously, I can't promise it will work with any other version of JQuery, either older or newer.

Common installation issues:

Once you create a MySQL database it may take some time before the change registers. This varies from host to host, from immediate to a few hours. Patience...

Permissions: double check that permissions for the files, files/gimgs and ndxz-studio/config folders are correct

If it fails to install and permissions are OK, double and triple check the database information you got when you created it. The most common issue is the database server information. It usually is localhost, but it depends on each host and could be something else -- the exhibition name is a name of your choice, and you can change it afterwards: it's the other four fields that need to be exact

Uploading indexhibit to the server: where is your root?

Once you have unpacked the zip with indexhibit installation files, you need to upload it. You don't upload the package indexhibitv070e, that's just a package: you upload the contents of the package, as shown in the screenshot below: files htaccess and index.php, folders files and ndxz-studio with respective contents.

Your root is where you navigate when you write your basic domain address: and knowing what it is called in your server can be sometimes tricky.

Public_html is very common, and if there's a public_html folder there, that's where your root is. Still, all server setups are different and I've seen the root to be called a lot of different things. Off-hand, I can think of three different solutions, in order of difficulty:

. The simplest solution is to ask your host (you're paying them, get your money's worth)

. Login to your host's control panel, the information is usually there

. Once you uploaded indexhibit, navigate with your browser to: -- if you get Indexhibit's license text in your browser's window, then you have uploaded to the correct place